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Pop This!

Dec 27, 2023

We're talking about our favourite and not-so-favourite pop culture of 2023, including a lengthy discussion about overdogs, and Ryan Reynolds.
Show notes:

Pop This's favourite things from 2023:

Past Lives (film)
The Bear (Season 2) (TV)
Bottoms (film) 
Fleishman Is In Trouble (TV)
Curb Your Enthusiasm...

Dec 20, 2023

We embark upon year 9 of our annual holiday fight over Love Actually vs. The Holiday and are joined by an extra-special guest: Sam Clements of The Holiday Season podcast. He tells us about talking to Jude Law, corresponding with Nancy Meyers, why Myles shouldn't be written out of the story, and so much more!

Dec 13, 2023


“Best Christmas ever.” Steven Schelling is our guest this week for Brandy Norwood and Heather Graham's new Christmas movie and he makes the case that this is indeed not the Best. Christmas. Ever! Also discussed: The Artful Dodger, The Bear Season 2, and the viability of work athleisure attire.


Dec 6, 2023

"Give me your saddest most tragic Christmas." The holiday season is off to a shaky start as we finally get around to watching Reese Witherspoon's holiday rom-com Four Christmases. Also discussed: intuitive eating, The Sorrows of Others, and Lyndsay Sung's new baking book Plantcakes.
Show notes:

Nov 29, 2023

"I'm so full from dinner." This week we're talking about the buddy comedy we didn't know we needed: Quiz Lady, starring Sanda Oh and Awkwafina. Also discussed: secret emergency phrases, Jeoprady!, and Lisa's history of journaling.  
Show notes:
Awkwafina is Nora From Queens... and Now a Wax...