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Pop This!

Mar 27, 2024

"Dark souls." This week we invite writer, theatre-maker, and choreographer Andrea Loewen on the podcast to talk about her new book Feeling Better as well as the film Girl, Interrupted. Also discussed: Dirty John, Back with the Ex, and Lisa's theory that Angelina Jolie has never been in a good movie. 

Mar 20, 2024

"I'm not hostile, I'm annoyed." This week, Lisa and Andrea vehemently disagree about peak '90s teen drama 10 Things I Hate About You. Also discussed: Sylvia Plath, platform thongs, and Suits.
Show notes:
Green Book Director Used to Flash Penis As a Joke (The Cut)
Why Don't You Date Me? (podcast)

Mar 13, 2024

"Not bad for 1999." The epic teen drama Cruel Intentions celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. To celebrate, we're re-airing our episode from 2019 where we talk about this cult classic with many-time guest star Cynara Geissler.
Show notes:
Cruel Intentions trailer
Cynara Geissler's bio


Mar 6, 2024

"Defiantly a loser." Our favourite professional gadabout Steven Schelling drops by to discuss the favourites and the frontrunners for this year's Oscars. 
Show notes:

Beyond the pale: where are all the films about ‘whiteness’? (Ellen E. Jones in The Guardian)


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