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Pop This!

Oct 26, 2017

Show notes:

Cecily Walker is the host of the podcast The Riverdale Rag

Paul Bae is the host of two podcasts: The Big Loop and The Black Tapes

An Un-Scientific Guide to Telling the Sprouse Twins Apart

Hocus Pocus trailer

Practical Magic trailer



Paul Bae recommends 3 bands: 

To the Wedding


Hush Forever

Cecily Walker:

The Initiation of Sarah

Satan School for Girls

Lisa Christiansen:

Rose Marie on Twitter

Andrea Warner:

Jackie Shane

Music credits:

"Back to the '90s" by Douglas Mulvey aka D-REX
From Free Music Archive
CC BY 4.0

Theme song "Pyro Flow" by Kevin Macleod
From Incompetch
Intro bed:"OLPC" by Marco Raaphorst
From Free Music Archive